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Limited Edition Prints
Muharraq Coastline
Enchanted Palace - Sakhir

The Greeks referred to Bahrain as "Tylos", the centre of pearl trading, where the ancient origins of its second largest city, Muharraq (Place of Ashes) reach back to the time of Dilmun some five thousand years ago. The enigmatic beauty of this timeless city is captured here in oils in 1976, before the modern developers arrived in Bahrain.


Christine Rollitt first visited Bahrain in the 1970s, many years before all the new development that is now taking place at such a rapid pace.

As a painter, the most impressive aspects were the bands of sky, coastline and sea. These coastlines especially at Budaiya, Hidd and Muharraq consisted of traditional buildings, small mosques and dhows tied up along the beaches. The haze and humidity enhanced the colours, predominantly turquoise, cream and ochre that emanated from the timeless and unspoiled villages.

More recently, the artist has had a limited edition print run made of the two images on to archival quality canvas. These prints are now of historical interest as the coastline and buildings have undergone significant changes.

Two of these prints are now situated in the British Club in Bahrain in their newly refurbished bar.

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35" X 12"

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18" X 6"

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