Work based on the poem by

Christina Rossetti, 'Thread of Life'

Painted and hand coloured fabric, balsa wood

Hand and machine stitch on silk, cotton and calico


This piece of work, 'Thread of Life - Inner Solitude I was made in response to the death of my mother and the words of a poem by Christina Rossetti.

The process of making was cathartic and smoothed over a difficult time within the family dynamic.  By using driftwood, a reference is made to a childhood growing up by the sea.  The use of black acrylic which pools and creates its own shapes on the surface of the fabric gives the impression of footprints on wet sand


Inner Solitude I (Detail).JPG
Inner Solitude II.jpeg
CHRISTINE ROLLITT      Thread of Life Se

Silence of the Land I, II and III

Hand and machine stitched calico, cotton and silk

Hand coloured cloth, manipulated and applied

These pieces are based on the poem by Christina Rossetti, 'Thread of Life'